British youngsters shine in Paris

Sunday afternoon was the last test of the Hermes Talents. To conclude with great fanfare, the Talents were divided into teams of two riders associated by nation. The British team formed by Georgia Tame and Amy Inglis managed to win by performing the only two double clear rounds of the event.

The Hermes Talents ended this Sunday under the canopies of the Grand Palais. With great success , the English duo composed of Georgia Tame and Amy Inglis grabbed first place. The two riders have achieved the feat of performing the only quadruple faultless, between them. Indeed, the event was run on two rounds: to win the total of the two acts counted, but only the time obtained in the second part of the competition was retained. Note that each nation was supervised by a renowned rider of the same nationality. From the beginning of the event, the public was surprised by the poor performance of one of the favorite teams. Anthony Philippaerts was the first to start on the track. The sixteen-year-old then dropped two bars despite a smooth turn. His brother, Thibault, winner the day before the Grand Prix, collapsed by achieving a penalized course of twelve points: his older brother, Olivier Philippaerts was also unable to restrain his annoyance by understanding that Belgium had not then no more chance of a podium. They finished in penultimate place of the event, although in the second run no bar fell for young Philippaerts. The French couple also did not shine today, although no disaster has been recorded. In the first act, Paul Delforge, with his faithful Terre du Baney, as well as Megane Moissonnier, riding Balou Star, were penalized by four points. The latter caught up well in the second run by performing a nice double clear fault, which comes to conclude a rather convincing weekend since the young woman was ranked second the first day. The first duo to put the pressure is the British, Georgia Tame with his experienced Cash Up, and Amy Inglis riding his incredible mare Wishes. Both managed a flawless and fast no-fault. Their performance was imitated by the Swiss couple formed by Léa de Coulon and Laetitia du Couëdic. However, three other teams having accumulated only four points in the first heat can also hope to be on the podium. This is the case of Ireland, Israel, as well as Germany. The second run was therefore crucial for these nations. The British were particularly impressive. "I was very happy to form a team with Georgia, who happens to be a friend. By the way, compete in the heart of Paris is just incredible. I really hope to come back! ", Said the shy Amy Inglis. Georgina Tame expressed her appreciation for her accomplice. "I really like my horse, he's like my best friend; I'm really proud of his performances during the weekend "she explained. However, their time seemed beatable: yet they managed to win the final victory precisely because of this strategy of producing safe courses. Germany's Laureen Budde with Gosbodino 2 performed a particularly fast second act. His teammate Maxime Perez, fault in the first run managed to catch up by running a smooth course with his wonderful gray Extra 41, although a bit slow. The Germans leave with a smile because they rank second. In third place, the siblings composed of Robin and Tressy Muhr managed a second perfect act and thus obtained a nice third place. The Swiss were the only ones who could hope to beat the British. If Léa de Coulon managed a perfect second run, Laetitia de Couëdic played the stopwatch to try everything for the whole and unfortunately dropped two bars. "I'm not in the habit of speeding with Venus du Tourney, so she's not very comfortable when I increase her pace. Jean-Maurice Bonneau (his coach, ed) told me not to play the clock, but I listened to other voices and I tried everything. I may have been wrong, but I wanted to play the game, " explained the young Helvetian with a touch of bitterness.