VIDEO: Watch as World Champion Horse Bridle Breaks Mid-Show!!

Currently ongoing is the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship which is being held in Oklahoma City, USA, until November 17th. As well as breed classes it also features highly prestigeous  reining events. Members of the 2018 World Equestrian Games gold medal team, Dan Huss was making his final appearance at the show with Ms Dreamy, when her bridle broke.

The horse, an eight-year-old Quarter Horse mare owned by Frederick R. Christen,  rubs her nose onto her leg a minute or two into their test and shortly afterwards the bridle drops out of her mouth. Not taken aback for a moment,  Huss scoops up the trailing leather and the bit and carries on bridleless, executing moves that include lead changes, sliding stops and doughnuts, without missing a beat.

?The pair also won individual silver at the World Equestrian Games and Ms Dreamy is also former amateur world champion who has won almost  $200'000 in prize money.