Endurance GB Offer Statement After Windsor CEI2* Elimination

It appears it is not only in the Group 7 countries where riders are sanctioned for horse abuse. At the recent international CEI2* held as part of the Royal Windsor Horse Show a rider was disqualified from first place  having been seen  whipping his horse with the reins.

The incident in question was seen by the officials at te finish line and duly reported. JAAFAR MERZA ABDULNABI
HASSAN (BAHRAIN) riding ASSAD was the rider in question and who was later  disqualified. Whether he receives further sanction has note yet come to light. The ride is organised by the same group who will be organising  the coming EuropeanChampionships to be held in the UK later this year and the FEI is investigating the occurence.

Endurance GB  was prompted by this to release a statement which reads;
Commenting on the FEI Endurance 80km CEI-1* and 120km CEI-2* at Royal Windsor, Endurance GB Chair Rebecca Kinnarney said: “The opportunity to compete at a major FEI ride here at Windsor gives British riders a wonderful experience at a showcase venue and we were delighted that 14 of our riders completed the CEI-1*  class successfully.
“The work of the veterinary commission was exemplary throughout the course of this ride and the Technical Delegate and organising team adapted to difficult conditions at the start in the mist to ensure safety.”
Commenting on the disqualification of the first rider to cross the line in the 120km CEI-2* for breach of a sport rule in respect of use of the reins as a whip, she added: “Endurance GB welcomes the application of the rules by the Ground Jury at Royal Windsor Endurance in respect of this rider. While most other equestrian disciplines allow whips and their rules accordingly pertain to excessive use, FEI Endurance rules simply don’t allow whips to be used. Something being used as one was witnessed by the Ground Jury in this case, and so the rider was subject to a strict liability test.
“In the light of the current FEI investigation into the ‘reshaping’ of endurance, the outcome of the Ground Jury’s deliberations at Windsor sends a clear signal to all those involved in the sport as riders, trainers and crews as well as those watching the sport closely from the side lines that the welfare of the horse is paramount.
“Endurance GB are grateful to the Ride Organisers, HPower, and to the Crown Estate for enabling this event to go ahead.”
The top six British riders to complete the FEI CEI 1* were; 8th, Lauren Mills (HS Jamal), 19.272km/hr;  10th, Anna Bridges (Crystal Wissam), 19.254 km/hr; 11th, Louise Rich (Oakleazefarm Czamak) 19.106km/hr; 12th, Georgina Vaughan (Polaris) 16.661km/hr; 13th, Nicola Chappell (Viniculture) 16.615km/hr; 14th, Sarah Ainsworth (LB Armanii) 16.614km/hr.

Riders Group Propose Rule Changes

The as yet unoffically ratified riders grounp for endurance (TEIRA) led by Tarak Taher, who is the rider representative on the FEI Endurance Temporary Committee, has published their proposals for rule changes which they hope will be discussed and then augmented at the 2019 FEI General Assembly later this year.  Taher, commenting via social media, said that, "500 people took part in the survey and every FEI regional group was represented. 66% of the participants were FEI riders or involved in FEI endurance. 26% were National level riders or involved in National level endurance, with 7% either no longer involved in endurance at all or from other disciplines or walks of life."