Carl Hester Joins In Calls For Endurance Reform

British Olympic medalist Carl Hester, MBE, has joined in a call for serious reform in endurance, an unusual occurence for a rider in a completely different discipline.

Writing in his blog column for British magazine Horse and Hound, Hester calls the continued list of endurance abuses 'blatant' and 'terrible for welfare' and hopes that the working group created by the FEI to address the issues will succeed. Hester is of the opinion that to remove endurance completely from the FEI roster of sports would lead to more abuses.

?Earlier this month, the working group, titled the Endurance Temporary Committee presented their initial findings and recommendations at the FEI Sports Forum. One of it's members Tarek Taher is also in the process of forming a rider group, similar those in jumping, eventing and dressage so riders may have a unified voice but that scheme is in its infancy at time of writing.

?It is however, most unusual for a rider from one discipline to take such umbrage at another and Hester admits his interest has been raised by the efforts of journalist Pippa Cuckson, who was featured in 2018 by GRANDPRIX as one of equestrian sports most influential figures.